SCR Compressor

low pressure Two stages screw compressor LH/LHPM Series

Working Power: 55~250KW (75~335HP)
Free Air Delivery: 4.5~62m³/min (159~2190cfm)
Working Pressure: 4.5/5.5bar(65/79psig)

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product advantages
  • 1 Less Power, similar capacity, good energy saving

    Compare with the standard compressor, the two stage screw compressor has better efficiency, it can save more than 10% energy compare with the standard compressor that both work at 100% loading.

  • 2 Isothermal Compression

    AFE31 is area of isothermal compression

    AC31 is area of standard compression

    AB,BF,FD,31 is area of two stage compression

    Two stage compression saving area is BCDF comparison with standard compression

    ★After first grade compression, the volume of compressed air become smaller, then the second compression could use smaller rotor, which reduce the compression leakage.

    ★It reduce compression ratio,  reduce the leakage.

  • 3 Heavy Duty Air Filter:

    Double imported safety filter core,improve air filtration effect, Long service life,Large filtration area, Low suction resistance,improve air inlet efficiency.  Specially for the dusty environment, like cement industry, textile industry, fibre industry, chemical industry etc. 

  • 4 Oil/air tank(125HP-300HP)

    Big capacity oil tank, Hold internal pressure, Reduce Lubricating oil producing foam. 

    Tank cover design with SCR rotating shaft, Simplify oil separator core replacement

    Enlarge oil separator core size , Better separation effect, Reduce the pressure drop during operating period, Improve system efficiency

    Double oil separator core is for big size type above 340HP and above, to help better oil separation.

    Oil content is less than 3PPM during 4000Hours running period.

product parts
PARTS details
① Permanent magnet (PM) motor ● Exceeds IE4 efficiency standards

● IP55 protection grade

● VSD PM motor

● F Insulation Grade

● PTC protecion for PM motor

② Innovative airend

● New improved rotor profile for low pressure application

● R&D in japan

● High quality class leading bearings

● Designed to give 20 years of reliable operation

inlet filter
③ inlet filter ● Nano scale heavy duty

● Filtration accuracy upto 99.9%

● Captures dust particles below 0.3 micron

● Pressure drop indicator

● 2,000 hours service intervals

cooling fan
④ Centrifugal fan ● VSD control ● Compact ● Low noise level ● High capacity for optimized cooling ● Low power consumption
Classic cooler design
⑤ Classic cooler design ● Combined oil and after cooler ● Easy access for maintenance ● Anti corrosion surface coatings

● 20% oversized cooler design

● After cooler is optional

innovative  vectorial inverter
⑥ innovative vectorial inverter ● CE/UL certification

● Wide voltage design

● Meet EMC C3 and C2 requirements

● Built-in DC reactor

● Independent cooling air duct design

Plot® Touch controller
⑦ SCR 9000 touch controller ● 7” Full colour touchscreen controller

● Full features protection, including over temp. Protection, over pressure protection, motor overload, phase unbalance etc. more than 13itmes protection

● Support Modbus RTU, and can realize remote monitoring.

Inlet valve
⑧ Inlet valve ● Optimizes the inlet flow of the air end. ● No blow-off losses  Maintenance free pipe design

Large suction area,special design for low pressure application

Oil filter
⑨ Oil filter ● High efficiency oil filter removes reliably removed contaminants from the oil ● Oil particles can be controlled at 0.1 micron

● Ensures a smooth and well-lubricated oil system

● Multiple oil filter combination,enhance stable operation

Built-in separation system
⑩ Gas tank & built-in separation system ● Oversized air and oil tank improves the cyclone effect maximising the seperation process ● The high efficiency oil seperator ensures that the oil carry over is less than 3ppm. ● System pressure loss:less than 0.02Mpa
electrical control cabinet
⑪ electrical control cabinet ● Siemens core electrical components are used to further enhance reliabity.
all-steel internal pipe system
⑫ all-steel internal pipe system ● All steel internal pipe work is used to prevent leakage and premature ageing often seen with flexible pipes ● Reduced friction losses
product parameter
Model KW Capacity
SCR530LHPM 55 4.5-15 4.5 2400*1650*1700 2700 DN80
SCR830LHPM 90 7.1-23.7 4.5 2900*1850*1950 3570 DN100
SCR950LHPM 110 8.4-28.2 4.5 2900*1850*1950 3650 DN100
SCR1200LHPM 132 10.2-34.2 4.5 3000*2050*2100 4300 DN125
SCR1300LHPM 160 12.4-41.6 4.5 3000*2050*2100 4500 DN125
SCR1500LHPM 185 14.0-46.9 4.5 3300*2200*2250 5500 DN150
SCR1900LHPM 200 15.0-50.0 4.5 3300*2200*2250 5800 DN150
SCR2200LHPM 250 18.6-62.0 4.5 3580*2200*2300 6500 DN200


The capacity is measured as GB3853 standard.(equivalent to ISO1217 Annex C)

Standard voltage is 380V/50HZ/3P, other voltage is available.

The recommended best capacity range is 60%-100%.

Alpine/high altitude, high temperature, high humidity, high dust loads or other adverse working conditions will require specialized custom designs. These are available on special request.

We reserve the right to make changes and improvements to the design and appearance.

Specifications may change without prior notice.

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SCR provide high quality oil free screw compressor with Class 0 certificate Germany GHH

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