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Textile Industry

Textile is the industry who use a lot of compressed air, so they spend a lot of money for the electric cost to operate the compressor, however, many customer still use the old style compressor, which lead to them waste a lot of Money.

With our investigation, we find the different process of textile manufacturing, the compressed air pressure is different, we know the higher pressure will need more power to realize it, so if we just supply the match pressure to the textile machine but not higher pressure, it can help customer save a lot of energy.

So SCR develop different pressure range low pressure compressor, from 1.5BAR to 5BAR is option and is customized for the customer real application requirement. At the same time, SCR take use of the latest high efficiency permanent magnetic motor to increase the motor efficiency, plus the latest VSD control technology which is to help customer realize the most energy saving for their operation cost.

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