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First-class enterprises define standards|SCR help to set up the relevant compressor standard in China

Recently, the Chinese standard "Expression of General Requirements for Positive Displacement Air Compressors Product Nameplates, Manuals, and Promotional Documents" drafted by Shanghai Screw Compressor Co., Ltd. was approved by all members of the Technical Committee of Compressor Branch of China General Machinery Industry Association. All members of the Standardization Working Committee of the Machinery Industry Association discussed and passed the review smoothly.

The formulation of this group standard has far-reaching significance for guiding the industry to implement the GB19153-2019 "Limited Values and Energy Efficiency Grades of Positive Displacement Air Compressors".


As from our past experience, we deeply understand the importance of participating in standard formulation. A standard enterprise is to be the industry benchmark and leader. To be a company must not only be the first in the industry, but also set an example and benchmark for competitors and lead the development of the entire industry to be considered an excellent company.

In recent years, SCR has vigorously promoted its standardization strategy, highlighted its leading role in standardization, and participated in the revision of 2 national standards, 4 industry standards and 4 group standards.

National standard

GB/T16665-2017 "Energy saving monitoring of air compressor unit and air supply system"

GB19153 "Limited value of energy efficiency and energy efficiency grade of positive displacement compressor"


Industry Standard

JB/T13341-2017 "Technical Conditions of Screw Air Compressor Block"

JB/T13342-2017 "Screw Air Compressor Airend Test Method"

JB/T13345-2017 "Integrated permanent magnet variable frequency screw air compressor"

JB10598 "General Dry Screw Air Compressor Technical Conditions"


Group standard

T/CGMA 033001-2018 "Guidelines for Energy Efficiency Classification of Compressed Air Stations"

T/CGMA "Energy-saving Design Guidelines for Compressed Air Stations"

T/CGMA "General Centrifugal Air Compressor"

"General requirements for positive displacement air compressor product nameplates, manuals and promotional documents"


As a standard-setting company, SCR Air Compressor is protecting the sound development of the compressor industry, regulating the implementation of the air compressor industry standards, creating an honest and trustworthy market environment, and promoting the development of the air compressor industry standardization process.

As a national high-tech enterprise, although SCR Air Compressor has achieved good results in the standardization work, we know that if we go against the current situation, we will retreat. Next, SCR should actively innovate technology and continuously improve products. R&D technology level, achieve higher quality development, and become a leading company in China's air compressor industry.

SCR focuses on the research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of industrial air compressor. SCR has 16 years experience and work with Iwata to create a new technology and quality system .China SCR screw compressor is more efficient, and energy-saving.

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