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The power of honesty丨SCR won the honorary title of "Shanghai Contract-abiding and Credit-worthy Enterprise" for 14 consecutive years.

Recently, the Shanghai Association for the Promotion of Contractual Credit has announced the list of Shanghai's 2018-2019 "Contract-abiding and Credit-Reliable Enterprises". Shanghai Screw Compressor Co., Ltd. relied on its sound corporate integrity construction system and scientific corporate management level. After strictly assessed by the Shanghai Contract Credit Promotion Association, SCR once again obtained the highest rating of Shanghai Enterprise Contract Credit-AAA level.


So far, Shanghai Screw Compressor Co., Ltd. has been awarded the honorary title of “Contract-honoring and Promise-keeping Enterprise” in Shanghai for 14 consecutive years. The high evaluation and full recognition of business integrity demonstrates the core values of SCR business integrity.The selection of "Shanghai Contract-abiding and Credit-Reliable Enterprises" is under the unified guidance and supervision of the Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce, and the Shanghai Contract Credit Promotion Association is unified and recognized. It is held every two years to evaluate key enterprises in Shanghai from four aspects: contract management level, contract performance ability, contract performance status and corporate contract social reputation. It is currently the most authoritative corporate integrity standard in Shanghai. It is one of Shanghai's most valuable and socially recognized corporate credit level recognition titles, and "AAA" is the highest level.


In the future, Shanghai Screw Compressor Co., Ltd. will continue to uphold the concept of integrity management, further improve the integrity system construction, and continue to maintain the ethical style of abiding by contracts and trustworthiness during development. With the best service and high sense of responsibility, we will strive to SCR builds an honest benchmark enterprise in the air compressor industry and strives to achieve the great goal of sustainable and win-win development for customers, partners, employees and suppliers.

SCR focuses on the research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of industrial air compressor. SCR has 16 years experience and work with Iwata to create a new technology and quality system .China SCR screw compressor is more efficient, and energy-saving.

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