SCR Compressor

Dry Oil Free Screw Compressor G series

Working Power: 37~280KW (50-375HP)
Free Air Delivery: 2.5~47m³/min (88.3~1660cfm)
Working Pressure: 7/8/10bar (101.5/116/145 psig)

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product advantages
  • 1 Germany GHH-RAND Oil Free Airend.

    Two Stage Dry Compression, The first-grade rotor is E35 steel. The second-grade is stainless steel, it’s 100% oil free during compression process. 

    Ultra Coating at rotor surface, make sure the tolerance of airend.

    Stainless steel hermetic seal and labyrinth oil seal. Double protection method to guarantee 100% oil-free compressed air.

    Direct energy saving

  • 2 Centrifugal fan

    As for air cooling type, it take use of centrifugal fan, which has low noise, high wind pressure features, more environment friendly.

    Variable frequency soft start

  • 3 Air inlet system

    Independent inlet silencer box, Ensure the air filter inlet temperature equal to the ambient temperature, which will help reduce the power consumption. At the same time, it isolate the noise inside of this box, so help reduce the noise level a lot.

    SCR variable frequency compressor precise control

  • 4 SCR9000 Touch screen controller

    1.7” touch screen PLC, easy for operation. 

    2.Full features protection, including over temp. Protection, over pressure protection, motor overload, phase unbalance etc. more than 13itmes protection.

    3.Support intelligent control, such as running schedule, auto startup after power failure. 

    4.Support Modbus RTU, and can realize remote monitoring.

    Reduce energy consumption

  • 5 Class 0 certificate

    Class 0 oil free certificate from TUV.

    Star warped piece of water cooler (water machine)

product parts
product details
① Motor ● Standard TEFC motor specially design for heavy duty application, PM motor is option for VSD type. ● IP54(IP55 option) protection grade ensure the stable running even at dusty environment. ● Reliable quality proofed in the market more than 15years.
② Oil Free Airend ● Germany GHH rand oil free air end, proofed in the market more than 50years, high reliability. ● Two stage dry compression guarantee 100% oil free air. ● Stainless steel rotor for the second stage compressor ensure no rust even after long-term running.
 inlet filter
③ inlet filter ● Independent inlet sound box, ensure the air filter inlet temperature is equal to the environment temperature. ● Independent inlet sound box reduce the noise level of compressor. ● High precision air filter make sure the good filtration precision, improve the stable operation of compressor.
Centrifugal fans
④ Centrifugal fans ● Newest centrifugal fan guarantee the good cooling capability. ● Smooth air pressure, uniform, full use of the heat dissipation area,good cooling effect.
Classic cooler design
⑤ Classic cooler design ● High reliability air cooler designed for high temp. air, can resist up to 280degree. ● Easy access for maintenance ● Paint anti-corrosion coating on surface
innovative  vectorial inverter
⑥ innovative vectorial inverter ● CE、UL、CUL、ROHS certification

● Meet EMC c3 and C2 requirements

● Independent cooling air duct design

● VSD control is standard for 50HP/60HP, above 60HP are optional.

Plot® Touch controller
⑦ SCR9000 Touch Screen PLC ● 7.0 inch full color touch LCD screen ● Real-time Operation/ Maintenance/ Alarm information ● Operation record/ Chart display ● Weekly timer/Service history and planning
Inlet valve
⑧ Inlet valve ● Optimizes the inlet flow of the air end. ● No blow-off losses / Large suction area ● Full aluminum design: maintenance-free. ● Fast check: prevent unloading and shutdown oil injection
Water separator
⑨ Water separator ● Efficiently remove water from compressed air,guarantee the dehumidify of compressed air

product parameter
Model KW HP Capacity
Dimension(mm) Weight(KG) Size
SCR50GV-7 37 50 3.4-5.7 7 2380*1250*1980 2400 DN50
SCR50GV-8 3.3-5.5 8
SCR50GV-10 2.5-4.6 10
SCR60GV-7 45 60 4.1-6.8 7 2380*1250*1980 2700 DN50
SCR60GV-8 3.9-6.6 8
SCR60GV-10 3.2-5.4 10
SCR75G-7 55 75 9.2 7 2380*1120*1880 2750 DN50
SCR75G-8 9 8
SCR75G-10 7.7 10
SCR100G-7 75 100 12.2 7 2380*1580*1880 2800 DN50
SCR100G-8 12 8
SCR100G-10 10.7 10
SCR125WG-7 90 125 16 7 2880*1960*2110 3400 DN65
SCR125WG-8 13.6 8
SCR125WG-10 13 10
SCR150WG-7 110 150 19.5 7 2880*1960*2110 3500 DN65
SCR150WG-8 18.2 8
SCR150WG-10 16.5 10
SCR180WG-7 132 180 23 7 2880*1960*2110 3800 DN65
SCR180WG-8 22.5 8
SCR180WG-10 19.5 10
SCR220WG-7 160 220 25.8 7 2880*1960*2110 4000 DN65
SCR220WG-8 25.5 8
SCR220WG-10 22 10
SCR300WG-7 220 300 37.8 7 3350*2280*2080 5000 DN100
SCR300WG-8 37.5 8
SCR300WG-10 34 10
SCR340WG-7 250 340 45 7 3350*2280*2080 5200 DN100
SCR340WG-8 42 8
SCR340WG-10 38 10
SCR375WG-7 280 375 47 7 3350*2280*2080 5500 DN100
SCR375WG-8 46.5 8
SCR375WG-10 41 10


The capacity is measured as GB3853 standard.(equivalent to ISO1217 Annex C)

Standard voltage is 380V/50HZ/3P, other voltage is available.

The recommended best capacity range is 60%-100%.

Alpine/high altitude, high temperature, high humidity, high dust loads or other adverse working conditions will require specialized custom designs. These are available on special request.

We reserve the right to make changes and improvements to the design and appearance.

Specifications may change without prior notice.

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South Korea customer use SCR high efficiency low pressure compressor,save more for their operation cost

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