SCR Compressor


Volumetric flow:750~5200m³/H
Extreme pressure:0.5MBAR


product parts
PRODUCT details
Twin-screw high-efficiency airend● Newly developed for industrial vacuum applications. Reliable, efficient and low noise. ● Screw technology is more efficient than other technologies (rotary vane, water ring, etc.).
Specialized permanent magnet motor ● Using high coercive force and high temperature resistant permanent magnets to ensure 150℃ without demagnetization. ● Built-in PTC temperature protection to prevent demagnetization caused by high temperature due to failure.
Specialized inverter
Specialized inverter
● Synchronous, easy frequency control, good dynamic response performance, can quickly respond to a wide range of adjustment and accurately regulate the vacuum degree. ● VSD regulation start. Smooth start. Reduce the impact on the grid.
Imported filters
Imported filters
● American imported filter. ● Equipped with pre-filter design. High dust capacity. 99% filtration efficiency @5micro. Fully guarantee the safe operation of the airend.
Lube oil cooling system

Lube oil cooling system

● Uses dedicated synthetic lubricant with a life expectancy of 8,000 hours.

● Lubricant cools the airend, which is then cooled by the cooler

Instrumentation and electronic control system

Instrumentation and electronic control system

● Using instrumentation and electrical control.

● Indication of exhaust temperature, oil/air separator tank pressure,system vacuum level.

Specialized inlet valve for vaccum application
Specialized inlet valve for vaccum application
● Ultra-low throttling loss. Contributing to the overall efficiency of the vacuum pump. ● Automatic adjustment of the valve  opening according to the load capacity to automatically maintain the system vacuum within the set range.
Oil/air separator tank

Oil/air separator tank

● Using similar design like air compressor. The oil content of exhaust air is less than 3PPM.

● Tangential air inlet design with baffle plate in the inner skirt to achieve cyclone separation and impact separation effect.

No-loss direct drive

No-loss direct drive

● Using motor direct drive. Rotor speed and motor speed consistent.

● The main motor is connected to the airend with a "C" flange to make the motor and the airend a rigid body and keep the axis in alignment.


Rotary vane pump solutions

SCR permanent magnet VSD oil-injected screw vacuum pump

Equipment situation 15 x Rotary vane pumps 4 x SCR1300VSPM
Pumping speed 300m³/H *8=2400m³/H 1300m³/H*2=2600m³/H

Total power of vacuum pump

7.5kw * 15=112.5kw 22kw*4=88kw
Deep freezer 15kw * 4=60kw Not required
Energy saving situation

Fixed speed rotary vane vacuum pump.Full load after running.

VSD screw vacuum pump. Frequency range of 12%~100%. Operation can achieve 25%~50% energy saving effect.

1 year operating power

(112.5kw+60kw)*24h*350days =1.45 million kWh

88kw*24h*350 days*70%=520,000 kWh

1 year power saving


VSD screw vacuum pump can save 930,000 kWh/year

1 year savings on electricity / 930,000 kWh * 0.7 = 650,000 RMB/year
Management The number of equipment is too many, and the maintenance workload of rotary vane pump is large. It takes up a lot of labor. The equipment runs stably and requires only regular maintenance, saving a lot of labor.
Service life / Screw vacuum pump equipment is stable and has a service life of 15~20 years.
Industry Application

product parameter


Maximum pumping speed


Extreme Vacuum


Rated power




Air intake size


Exhaust size






SCR750VSPM 727 0.5 11 55-74 DN100 DN80 760 1550*1150*1255
SCR900VSPM 963 0.5 15 55-74 DN100 DN80 765 1550*1150*1255
SCR1300VSPM 1285 0.5 22 55-74 DN150 DN100 1370 2000*1420*1730
SCR1800VSPM 1751 0.5 30 65-79 DN150 DN100 1375 2000*1420*1730
SCR2000VSPM 1925 0.5 37 65-79 DN150 DN100 1382 2000*1420*1730
SCR3000VSPM 3052 0.5 45 67-80 DN200 DN150 3850 2400*2050*1935
SCR3900VSPM 3863 0.5 55 67-80 DN200 DN150 3950 2400*2050*1935
SCR4600VSPM 4523 0.5 75 72-85 DN200 DN150 4025 3000*2000*1950
SCR5200VSPM 5136 0.5 90 72-85 DN200 DN150 4050 3000*2000*1950
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South Korea customer use SCR high efficiency low pressure compressor,save more for their operation cost

South Korea customer use SCR high efficiency low pressure compressor,save more for their operation cost

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SCR provide high quality oil free screw compressor with Class 0 certificate Germany GHH

SCR provide high quality oil free screw compressor with Class 0 certificate Germany GHH

Back to 2008, SCR already start to manufacture oil free screw compressor cooperated with Germany GHH company, and it’s the first Chinese brand to produce oil free screw compressor.

SCR develop the 100% class 0 oil free scroll compressor with Anest Iwata

SCR develop the 100% class 0 oil free scroll compressor with Anest Iwata

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